1. Mist Konect – MIT Media lab DI Workshop 2014 project

Role : Developer, Designer/ Hacker
Team Size : 4
Description: A mist interface to enhance visual display by embedding virtual objects in real environment and facilitating gesture interactions using kinect.
Achievements : Featured on MIT Media Lab DI Workshop Website.

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Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 11.06.34 PM

2. World Newspapers

Role : Junior Developer, Researcher
Team Size : 2
Achievement :
Rank 1 on PlayStore in newspaper and magazine category in February 2011
Rise of app from 50,000 downloads to – 1,000,000 in 6 months


  • Developed ’Local Tab’ (previously My country Tab)  for easier access to news from a particular country. Integrated browser functionalities like – webpage translator, bookmarking Service using Read It Later (now Pocket) API, sharing url via, offline access of webpages, Maintain SQLite database of Web History, Managed database
  • Developed prototype for home screen widget for user’s favorite links
  • Managed user feedback via email and blogs.

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3. Spellathon : word game


Role : Developer, Designer, Marketer
Team Size : 1

Anagram game with aim to form 4-7 letter words from given set of 7 letters, necessarily including the central letter in the hexagon.

Achievements :

  •  Top 25 brain apps on Playstore in 2012.
  • Achieved 25,000 downloads and rating of 4.3/5 within the first month of release in October 2011.
  • Currently 400,000+ downloads and 4+ rating without single dollar spent on advertisment. Fea- tured on androidgals site, and Instructional Technology Integration Partner- ship, Ohio.
  • Developed android client logic to generate valid word combinations. Designed UI/UX for an- droid app.
  • Managed correspondence with users to understand their requirements. Self Learnt growth hack- ing techniques and SEO skills.

LINK to app on Playstore 

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4.Word Hangout


Role : Developer (Android and Backend), Designer
Team Size : 1

Multiplayer Asynchronous Word game which combines elements of crossword and anagrams to create fun experience . Inspired by learning gained from Spellathon. To be released soon.

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5. Health Log Manager

Role : Developer – Mobile and Web client, Researcher
Team Size : 2
Achievements : Selected as one of the 3 entries from campus for Texas Instruments Digital Analog Design Competition-2012

Automated the system of storing patient health record such as weight (BMI) measured by digital devices, directly on the cloud. The data is transferred using Bluetooth from medical instrument to mobile which in turn sends data to the server using internet.

  • Hacked a generic physical weighing scale and developed analog circuitry for extracting the values from the four load cells to the ADC of the micro-controller.
  • Conceptualized and developed a custom Android and Web application using the Google App Engine for seamless data transfer and real-time tracking of values.
  • Information visualisation of health data on android in form of  line chart.

download Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 1.34.22 pm



6. Drishti : Goggles for Indian Languages

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 4.29.22 AM

Role : Developer, Researcher
Achievement : 88/100, Undergraduate Thesis in Top 5 in the department.
Realtime Multilanguage Snapshot Translation, Speech and Search Mobile application. Picture of Hindi/Tamil text is passed through OCR engine, text obtained is translated and spoken loud in preferred language. Useful app for tourists and visually challenged.

  • Did preliminary study of OCR engines – Tesseract, OCRopus, Ocrad using UNLV ISRI per- formance toolkit. Tesseract was found to have maximum accuracy. Used Leptonica image processing library to improve and smoothen the input image and make it Tesseract Recognis- able.
  • Implemented the levenshtein distance algorithm for text correction.
  • Did preliminary study of TTS engines available namely Google, Babelfish, Bing to find Google the most accurate. Used Translator API to convert Indian language text to speak in foreign language.

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7. Healthifyme

Role : Snr. Software Developer, HealthifyMe (Job)

  • Developed android client with feature to log food and exercise calories manually or by taking photograph and give instant feedback to the user in form of graphs and charts.
  • Defined API in backend using Tastypie framework for Django.
  • Coordinated and brainstormed with the design firm, starting from wireframe ideation stage till final graphic deliverables were received. Talked to users to understand their requirements. Part of interview panel responsible for selecting in-house designer for the company
  • Learnt startup basics like building team, pitching to investor, funding. Networked with VC and fellow company founders.

8. Interactive Globe using Mobile : Making Learning Geography fun

Role : Independent Research Student, developer and designer.

Remember the childhood days when you were forced to cram which country was located where on the globe, learn their respective language, capital and currency? Such boring and tedious task! Right? Interactive globe mobile app was used to make learning fun by using mobile motion sensors to determine point on a globe.

  • Conceptualised the concept, performed experiments to determine that mobile accelerator and gyrometer can be successfully used to determine a countries and states on a globe with good precision. 0 N, 0 S is taken as reference, the rotation of mobile wrt to reference was used to determine coordinates and sent to Google Maps API as get request to determine coordinates.
  • Further work: make a stylus pen with accelerometer which can be easily held. Interact it with computer using bluetooth to show useful information of  place touched by pen.

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9. Color Deducto


Learning activity consisting of 5*5 square board of colored boxes representing logic based on hues, value and chroma in Munsell Color System. Game has option for saving game and resuming it later. Developed Android Platform version of One Laptop Per Child Board Game.

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9. Deducto

 Board is composed of 25 black and white boxes arranged in various patterns. The player has to identify the logic behind each level and categorize the presented board as True or False. Developed Android Platform version of One Laptop Per Child Board Game.

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10. Secured Data Transfer

Developed secured medium of communication between different hosts on network using Knap-sack public-private key encryption.Developed three modules: Central Authority, Host and Encryption-Decryption.

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