Seen Unforseen

Hi I am Nivedita Arora. A Tech enthusiast and dreamer. Stay hungry stay foolish and let the dots connect backward is what I truly believe in! I am hard working and pasionate person and tend to fall dangerously in love with ideas I believe in.

Following are the reasons why I wanted to write blog :

1)  Album of Thoughts 

Below is the first entry of the total two entries I ever wrote in the blogspot blog I started almost 2 years ago. When I accidentaly read it again, I found old-me speaking to future me (feels just like time -turner! ) and I couldn’t help smiling, which gives me even stronger reason as to why I want to start writing blog again. Its living memoire of the learnings, experiences, ideas and growth of individual.

“This must be some tenth attempt of mine to “start” writing my first blog post. I won’t say it was procrastination or lack of ideas to write. With the restless mind I have, I have enough to speak whole day. The true reason was, I have always had this most innate desire of making perfect startings. Belief in the fact that a grand start would lead to great journey. Lets just say I am the sort of person who believes in first impressions. More I think about this, more convincingly I have come to the conclusion that its a BIG mistake. People deserve second chance, life deserves chances or it just won’t be called LIFE. No one ever is the best at the first attempt, its the process which makes them Better (I still won’t say Best). Learning is lifelong process or LLL.There i just summed everything! So simple and clear. Still its so hard to follow. The fear of being a failure, being bad at what one tries, being laughed upon haunts me. I am trying to improve though. 

I am wondering while writing all this, if I am “actually” going to post this as my first blog post? Or will I just erase it like the previous times. What happened to innumerous plans for content of  first blog post,  “why I name my blog colors of my rainbow”, “who am i”,  “why am i planning to start writing blog?”, “my beliefs in life” etc. They will all go waste? Is this actually what I wanted as first post? U know what, I somewhere know where my mistake is. I just make simple things too big and hyped in my mind that I actually focus on getting the result, thinking people would appreciate more if I get successful rather than learning from the situation. In fact  my blog could not have had a better starting that this. Its a constant reminder to me of not being afraid to try new stuff in life, being persistent at it even if i am not good at it the first time and not think what others will or will not think. I have to prove it to myself not to the world. Life is so much bigger and there is so much to learn :)

In retrospect, I have not changed much in two years, just few more mistakes and lessons down .

2)Bugged – DeBugged

  • Share Tech projects done specially ones on android.
  • Extensive list of links on myriad of  topics researched and accumulated posts over time.( good thing i always saved links in my drafts )
  • Coding/ Algorithm questions solved.
  • New tech stuff learnt on the way.

3) Slide on my rainbow

  • Experiences and Important lessons learnt on the way about work and life. Good habits learnt, Bad habits left behind.
  •  Read time management slide some time back which suggests to jot down anything and everything which is bubbling in your mind. Really good approach to stay focussed during working hours. Few poems and articles which might be peek into my ‘real’ world.

Come let me walk you through my ‘rainbow’ where you will find myriad of shades from sadness to happiness , excitement to crazy decisions(which many times have been scritinized as immature), my dreams and failures (yes ! they are very important and its time I wrote about them too)

rain bow


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