Lessons learnt while Ice skating – be fearless, do not give up

Olympics Day 13 - Ladies Figure Skating

Last year I went for artificial Ice skating with my friends, in a mall in Delhi. It was supposed to be an hour session. There must have been around 50 people who would be skating. I noticed that there were people of ages from small 4-5 year old kids to adults in their 40’s, but mostly crowd consisted of college going students in early 20’s. Given its delhi which experiences no snowfall ever, I take it the experience was fairly new to almost everyone. As soon as the time started I noticed almost everyone was holding the side railing and just managing to keep themselves on two feet. Some 10 minutes later, few managed to leave railing and started skating following the instructions given by the trainer but still remained in the proximity of railing as safety and backup option. To my surprise 3-4 children were already in the center of the ring, though I could see they too were learning, but they managed to overcome any kind of fear and “jump into the pool”. They were soon joined by all kids, as I noticed sitting in pain, from one of the really bad falls which had my hands bruised badly and knees hit, and wondering if I should take break. More than 30 minutes into the time, and few mishaps down most of the people were sitting outside having had their full. There is something to be said about childhood which we tent to forget too absorbed in growing up. The main difference I realized was that the children were much more fearless and did not give up after falling once or twice and continued till they became good at it. Realizing this, I too was filled with new found belief that if those little kids can so can I. I got up even though I was in pain, stopped being the safe zone – ‘near the railing person’, increased speed. I fell again after covering a few meters, got up and did it again. Soon I was much better, pain was forgotten by elation I was feeling. I decided to complete the full round at good speed without falling, which I did before the clock ticked completion of time. There was a feeling of satisfaction inspite of the whole body aching. An important lesson revived. A day well spent. In general, I have found observing children as a good way to overcome bogged down spirits. Try it, might do you some good!

PS – Thanks vartika for the ice skating birthday treat :)