They say.. but what if ?

They say,
Catch the dreams before,
They slip through your hands like a wisp of smoke.
Before they burn your hands,
and burn is all that is left to stare.
What if I want to feel the pain from the burn?
carry the black burnt mark on me,
Be the tainted vagabond,
but not the spotless dove
they want .
They say,
Work your way through the labyrinth of world,
Be the spider of the web,
not the insect struggling in cobwebs,
ready to be feasted upon.
What if I want to be locked in cobwebs for now?
For the cobwebs are my cocoon,
which I will shelve to fly away to my glory,
but not the glory they want.
They say,
stay away from the darkness,
for the soot cannot be washed away,
Be the happy child of the light.
What If I want to be covered in black,
to learn the value of even scintilla of white.
Just stop and stare at the lights
Till my eyes hurt me in delirium,
Pupils so shrunk that I see darkness in the light,
and light in the darkness,
But not the light they want !

Soliloquy of Sadness


Symphony of sounds futilely rushing through numb veins,

Smell of mud after the rain reminds of distant memoirs lost in pain.

Scrumptious savory food gone bland without  salt ,

Scintillating moonlight fills no love lorn vault .

Softly Blowing spring wind chills the wailing heart,

Serenity of the distant sun lit mountains reflects melancholy so stark.

Starry shining sky staring down dimming the hope,

Soft sea Sand in hands slipping away beautiful moments tied in tight tide ropes…

PS: This poem was written in one of my most morose moods, but it served its purpose right ! :)

Bereaved in Blithe

Blazing fireplace in its glory bright ,

bids darkness away from the line of sight.

Beyond the room I still stand still,

bracing the looming shadows,

brooding over my silhouette on the wall.

Bearing bunch of belief staggering trepidations standing tall,

breach is what I am scared of above all.

Burning wait burdening bereaved heart,

beseech brevity of blithe life.