Color Deducto

Color Deducto is an activity designed for the android OS which aims at helping sharpen the logical and deductive skills if children as well as make them familiar with the Munsell Color System.

The logic of the levels are based on the different terms and concepts of the color system. Each level is based on a different logic, such as monochromacity, addition and subtraction of colors, etc. The player needs to be familiar with the color system to be able to attempt the game. He has to identify the logic behind each level and classify the board as TRUE or FALSE. If he succeeds in correctly identifying the board five times consecutively, then he’s promoted to the next level. Every wrong answer brings down the efficiency.


The basic idea behind Color Deducto was put forth by Walter Bender, founder of Sugar Labs, and former Executive Director at MIT Media Labs. It conforms to Sugar’s cardinal objective of teaching children and helping them grow intellectually. It does so by stimulating students’ logical thinking, and familiarising them with the concepts of color system.


Some of the key features of Color Deducto are as follows:-

1. The game is a great tool for sharpening children’s logical capabilities and increasing their knowledge about Munsell Color System.

2. Feedback Facility-

I. It also provides feedback to the user in terms of percentage efficiency.

II. It also provides statistics in terms of number of correct and incorrect answers.

3. User Friendly– Deducto has a number of user friendly widgets as follows:-

I. Save Game– Feature to save the game and resume it later from the point where it was left.

II. Help – Feature to help the users with the rules of the game and to get a better understanding.

III. Facts– Feature to provide the users with facts related to colors.

III. Color Theory– teaches basics of color theory to users .




1.Level One

   a.Level One True:

24 boxes in the board are coloured  randomly by computer while  the centre 

     Is always a fixed shade of red.                                                       

    b.Level One False:

      Centre square is never red while rest of the squares may be of any color.


 2.Level Two

   a.Level Two true

       The colors of all the squares are shades of a single color or hue(monochromatic)

   b.Level Two False:

       The squares are randomly colored with adjacent boxes of different hues.

3.Level Three

   a.Level Three True:

      From top to bottom, the Munsell value of colors keeps on increasing 

   b.Level Three False:

       From top to bottom, the colors of the squares are in ascending chroma(i.e.the colors closer to       greyish shade at the top and brighter, brilliant colors at the bottom)

4.Level Four

   a.Level Four True:

The color of the 4 diagonal squares adjacent to the central square, is the addition of color of its adjacent horizontal square and the adjacent vertical square.

   b.Level Four False:

          The color of the 4 diagonal squares adjacent to the central square, is the subtraction of color of its adjacent horizontal square and the adjacent vertical square.

5.Level Five

   a.Level Five True:

      This level is based on Chroma Explosion, i.e. the chroma of the central square is the least(the central square is of a greyish shade), and the outermost squares(of the same color) are of the highest chroma value.

   b.Level Five False:

      This is based on Value Explosion, i.e. the central square is of the least Munsell value and the outermost squares(of the same color) have the highest Munsell value.

6.Level Six

   a.Level Six True:

The squares are of complimentary colors(red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange). The rest of the squares are of shades of grey.

   b.Level Six False:

      The colors of the squares are adjacent hues(eg. Blue and green, green and yellow)

7.Level Seven:

   a.Level Seven True:

       The colors of the boxes are equiluminant.

   b.Level Seven False:

       The colors of the squares are of high chroma value(high purity,brilliant colors)      

8.Level Eight:

   a.Level Eight True:

     The colors of the squares are of low chroma value(closer to the neutral gray axis in the Munsell solid).

 9.Level Nine:

  a.Level Nine True:
The colors of the boxes are of high Munsell value contrast(some are very dark and the others are very light)

  b.Level Nine False:

       The color contrast of the squares if moderate if the board is false.   

10.Level Ten

   A.Level Ten True:

The squares are colored with warm hues ie shades of red, orange and yellow.

   b.Level Ten False:

    The squares are colored with cool hues ie shades of blue, green and violet.