Tale of survival

I flounder on the road,
my feet bleeding and soul crying.
Turning back I see the golden road left behind,
fleeting away in some other lifetime.

With vanquishing hope and despairing sighs,
I trudge along the path of burning splinters.
Searing pain reverberating in my head like a scream,
simmering to break out yet unable to find its way.

I doubt I can bear this long,
my strength failing as I move along.
Fire in my heart refuses to extinguish,
veiling me from flagrance around.

As numbness prevails I keep lulling,
about the happy days inside my head .
Till each fibre of in my body joins in the chorus
singing the ballad to keep moving ahead.

I still keep walking, tears flow down like raindrops
extinguishing the burning splinters below,
Cooling the path and fecundating the ground ,
nips of grass shooting from below.

Barefoot I tread not floundering this time ,
feeling the soft green grass blades glazed with due drops,
moistening the music of my soul sucking the numbness away,
soothing the burns of the journey long gone.

Turning back I see the burning road left behind,
fleeting away in some other lifetime,
only to realize that the struggle was worth the find,
the peace of the greens is better than the shimmer of the golden tiles.